Seminars & Colloquiums


ARC Seminar: Adaptive Grasp Intelligence

Speaker(s) Khin Phone May
Date & Time 22 September, 2022
Venue ARC Engagement Room (E6-07-04)

The intricate design and sensing capabilities of human hand has inspired researchers to reproduce robotic grippers that strive to incorporate similar biological features. To date, numerous grippers have been developed in both commercial and academic research, traditionally using a combination of alloys and metals. In the alternate paradigm, mechanically softer robotic grippers have been developed […]


Analog In-Memory Computing With Multilevel Resistive Switching Devices

Speaker(s) Glenn Ge, Ph.D. MBA
Date & Time 29 August, 2022 @ 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Venue Blk E4, Level 4, E4-04-05 (E-CUBE 1)

Abstract Conventional digital processors based on the von Neumann architecture have an intrinsic bottleneck in data transfer between processing and memory units. This constraint increasingly limits performance as data sets continue to grow exponentially for the various applications, for example, IoT, AR/VR wearables, automotive and robotics applications. TetraMem addresses this issue by delivering state-of-the-art in-memory […]


From Romeo & Juliet to OceanOne – Deep-Sea Robotic Exploration

Speaker(s) Oussama Khatib
Date & Time 26 August, 2022 @ 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Venue Lecture Theatre 7A (LT 7A)

Abstract OceanOneK is a robotic diver with a high degree of autonomy for physical interaction with the environment while connected to a human expert through an intuitive interface. The robot was recently deployed in several archeological expeditions in the Mediterranean with the ability to reach 1000 meters. Distancing humans physically from dangerous and unreachable spaces […]


ARC Seminar: Autonomous Driving in Rainy Conditions

Speaker(s) Charles Zhang
Date & Time 16 July, 2021 @ 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Venue Online

  Title:¬†Autonomous Driving in Rainy Conditions   Abstract: Autonomous driving in adverse weather is a challenging and yet under-explored topic. One of the main challenges is the degraded performance of sensors and algorithms caused by adverse weather. Singapore is situated near the equator with frequent rainfall all year round. Therefore, how to obtain a stable […]


geNiUStalks: Robotics in Our Daily Lives

Speaker(s) Prof. Marcelo H. Ang Jr
Date & Time 30 July, 2021
Venue Online

geNiUSchannel¬†and geNiUSbooks is an initiative by Provost Office to complement traditional, blended and online learning with contents curated by our own community of teaching staff, departments and students for the benefit of students across all disciplines. Video contents in geNiUSchannel are classified under the various sub-categories. geNiUStalks geNiUSbooks geNiUSvlogs geNiUSguides virtualgeNiUS   This geNiUStalk, Robotics […]

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