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Apply for ARC’s new Research Fellow Position


ARC is seeking a new Research Fellow.

Research Positions in ARC


ARC would like to invite you to apply for the following Research Fellow/Associate/Engineer positions.

Research Fellow Position in ARC – 00DTJ


The main role is in the research and development of navigation and path planning strategies for ship hull and similar inspection with a hover capable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Tutor Position For ME5406


ARC would like to invite NUS PhD students to apply for the tutor position for ME5406: Deep Learning for Robotics. Please contact Prof. Guillaume or Prof. Peter Chen from the NUS Mechanical Engineering Department.

Research Fellow Position


ARC would like to invite you to apply for the following positions in the NUS Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department: Research Fellow (Click here for details) Research Associate/Research Engineer (Click here for details) These positions are working on a project related to traffic signal control at multiple intersections. 

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