Robotics@Lunchtime 13 Dec 2017

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Date & Time December 13, 2017 @ 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Seminar Venue ARC Engagement Room, E6 Level 7


Development of Supernumerary Limb Using Soft Pneumatic Actuators

Khin P. May

Robot End-effector for Industrial Finishing Applications

Ma Zheng

Development of Supernumerary Limb Using Soft Pneumatic Actuators

Exploring beyond the conventional design methodology of soft robots, fabric-based soft actuator modules of primitive morphologies, which are analogous of basic geometrical polygons, are developed. Specifically, two primary modules are designed – Inflatable Beam (IB) module for structural function and Fabric-based Rotary Actuator (FRA) module for mobility function. FRA module is designed with singular origami-inspired pleat, which unfold upon pneumatic pressurization. The unfolding action enables propagation of angular displacement of FRA module, and this allows the module to be implemented as mobility unit or as joint structures in the larger assembly of pneumatic structures.
In the following, we examined various ways by which FRA modules can be connected to IB modules. We also studied the characteristics of a single FRA module in terms of its range of motion and blocked force, and the ways in which FRA module can be assembled with IB module to form joint structures, which are capable of various range of motion. Using this concept, different pneumatic structures can be developed – soft robotic gripper and soft robotic arm. Movement of the assembled pneumatic structure is controlled by regulating the pneumatic pressure of the mobility unit via state transition based position control system.

About the Speaker
Khin P. May is a graduate student (M. Eng) with NUS Mechanical Engineering department. Apart from completing the graduate degree, she is also working in Advanced Robotics Centre (NUS), where she designs and tests soft pneumatic actuators and structures. Her research interests include soft sensing technologies and wearable haptic interface.


Robot End-effector for Industrial Finishing Applications

A strategy to improve industrial finishing applications using commercial robotic arms is presented in this seminar. An end-effector is designed and prototyped as the mini manipulator, and is mounted at the end-point of a commercial robotic arm to form a macro-mini manipulator system. The developed end-effector has properties of fast response and high resolution in position control and force control. Position based force/impedance control algorithms of the end-effector are explored, targeting on applications of polishing and deburring. Experiments are conducted by employing the integrated macro-mini manipulator system and the results are encouraging.

About the Speaker
Ma Zheng is a research engineer, as well as a Ph.D candidate in Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore. Currently she is working on an A*STAR-funded Industrial Robotics Project to develop and control a multi-axis end-effector module which is expected to achieve high control bandwidth and dynamic response, and high resolution in force control applications in robotic finishing.

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