MATLAB/Simulink for Robotics and Autonomous Systems Development

MATLAB/Simulink for Robotics and Autonomous Systems Development

Date/Time: 12 April 2019, 11am

Location: ARC (Engagement Room)


Applications of robotics and autonomous systems are expanding from structured industrial settings to more dynamic environments, and require intelligent autonomous operations while meeting quality and safety requirements.  This presentation covers MATLAB/Simulink capabilities to support autonomous robotics development while highlighting examples of customer use cases.  It includes Model-Based Design for development and testing of complex systems, integrating with ROS, co-simulation with Gazebo, and deployment to hardware using automatic code generation.  Capabilities for development of autonomous algorithms, such as localization, mapping, SLAM, and path planning, will be discussed.  Attendees will learn of MATLAB/Simulink and supporting features as it applies to autonomous robotics trends.

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