Service Robots Are Here

Speaker:Steve Cousins, Founder of Savioke, Former President & CEO of Willow Garage
Seminar Date:28/03/2016
Seminar Venue:NUS School of Computing, Executive Classroom (COM2-04-02)
After 20 years of predictions that robots will work among us soon, the predictions are finally starting to come true. Investment in robotics is up, enabling start-ups to explore a range of use cases. Decreasing component costs will make it easier to make real business cases for the technology. Mobile robots are beginning to transform the way we serve people in hotels, elder care facilities, hospitals, restaurants, and throughout the service industry, and this trend is accelerating. Savioke deploys delivery robots in hotels, and has had one in continuous operation since August, 2014. There are now several Savioke Relay robots doing over 400 deliveries each week across California, and the number is quickly expanding.

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