Prof. Marcelo H. Ang Jr. is invited to CNA to talk about Hyundai’s new high-tech electric vehicle factory in Singapore.


Hyundai’s new high-tech electric car factory in Singapore marks a significant milestone in the intersection of advanced robotics and electric vehicle (EV) production. In a recent interview on CNA, Professor Marcelo Ang shared his insights on how this groundbreaking project is set to revolutionize the industry and contribute to a better world.

Professor Marcelo Ang highlighted that the factory is far from traditional in terms of its use of robotics. The advanced robotics employed here go beyond mere automation, bringing capabilities such as enhanced mobility and high accuracy in operations.

A notable example of the integration of advanced technology in this endeavour is Nutonomy. This startup, founded by one of Professor Marcelo Ang’s former students, specializes in algorithms for autonomous vehicles (AVs). Hyundai’s acquisition of Nutonomy, now known as Motional, is pivotal. Motional’s expertise in AV technology will significantly contribute to the project, enhancing the factory’s capabilities in producing state-of-the-art electric cars.

Singapore’s role in this development is crucial. As Professor Ang points out, the country’s strengths in adopting new technologies, skilled manpower, and strong government support create an ideal environment for AV applications and EV production. The combination of these factors not only facilitates the successful operation of the factory but also positions Singapore as a leader in the global shift towards sustainable and smart mobility solutions.

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