Research position available at ARC

Research position available at ARC!

The Advanced Robotics Centre in NUS is currently looking for people with experience in developing software for Autonomous Vehicles in the areas of perception, controls, localisation and mapping, dynamic path planning and machine learning. We work with industry to deliver autonomous vehicles for their specific robotics applications.  You will work on the state of the art in developing robots for real world practical applications in the Ground, Maritime and Air domains. We are currently looking for full-timers as well as part-time students who are passionate in Autonomous Vehicles development. If you have any relevant experience in Software development for robotics applications and want to make a technological difference with your skillsets do drop an email to Goh Eng Wei (

Software Research Engineer/Research Associate/Research Fellow positions

♦  Ability to work in a fast paced environment to deliver for industry projects
♦  Ability to work and communicate well in a small team
♦  Minimum Bachelors in Engineering or Computer Science

Relevant skills and experience (Not compulsory):

♦  Software experience with any form of robotics with preference for ground vehicles
♦  Experience with C++/Python
♦  Experience with Robot Operating System and Linux
♦  Experience with Computer vision, Lidar, Radar, camera development and algorithms
♦  Experience with Path planning: Dijkstra’s, A*Star, PRM, RRT*
♦  Experience with Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping
♦  Experience with state estimation techniques: Gaussian models, Kalman filters and Particle filters
♦  Experience with Machine Learning techniques: Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning, Neural Networks
♦  Experience with Digital Control systems: Feedback control systems, Linear Quadratic Regulators, Steering and speed controllers
♦  Experience with Web Development (CSS/HTML/Javascript) for frontend and backend development