ARC Seminar: Adaptive Grasp Intelligence

Seminar Details

Speaker Khin Phone May
Date & Time 22 September, 2022
Venue ARC Engagement Room (E6-07-04)


The speaker, Ms. Khin Phone May is a fourth-year doctoral student under the supervision of Professor Marcelo H. Ang Jr. Her research interest is on reconfigurable gripping solutions. 


The intricate design and sensing capabilities of human hand has inspired researchers to reproduce robotic grippers that strive to incorporate similar biological features. To date, numerous grippers have been developed in both commercial and academic research, traditionally using a combination of alloys and metals. In the alternate paradigm, mechanically softer robotic grippers have been developed using elastomeric materials. Soft robotic grippers are reported to be delicate and yet, produce sufficient strength to grasp a large variety of objects. The body of soft gripper can also be integrated with sensing facilities such as force sensors to develop a sense of awareness during the manipulation process. Soft grippers were often designed with prefixed grasping workspace and configuration. However, optimal grasping solution varies with type of item and the environment. In this talk, the concept of automated reconfigurability for soft grippers and machine learning techniques for sensorized soft gripper will be discussed.


Box lunch will be provided after the seminar.


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