Final Year Projects AY20/21



List of Robotics FYP Topics for AY20/21


The following are topics for FYPs of AY20/21 sorted into four main areas of research:
– Autonomous Mobile Robots
– Soft Robotics

For more information on these topics, watch the recording of our Zoom with ARC event here.

If you are interested in a topic listed here, please email the contact person listed with the following:
– the topic you are interested in
– your CV
– your home department
– your FYP module code. If you are under any specific specialisation or programme (eg. iDP, Capstone Project, etc.)

Have a question? Check out the FAQ page for FYP students here. For further inquiries, email robotics-spamblocktag-(a)


Autonomous Mobile Robots

1. Tree-Inspection Robot

We are looking for a group of students to build a tree-inspection robot that involves climbing. We are also interested in the intelligent part, particularly on the utilisation of visual images to identify areas of concers (eg. cavity).

Contact person: Krittin at mpekrk-spamblocktag-(a)


Soft Robotics

1. Development of a soft wearable sensing array for analysis of sports biomechanics

Biomechanical studies in sport are important to improve technique and performance as well as to prevent injuries. In this project, we will work on designing a wearable system to study joint positions – primarily elbow and wrist positions using soft sensors. The sensor manufacturing technique will be taught, and the student will be expected to come up with a custom shape and mounting for the sensor as per the application. The design will be influenced by the biomechanics of the sport (tentatively Tennis) and the related motions. The device needs to provide as low mechanical impedance as possible to ensure that it does not impede training. Biomechanical knowledge will be utilized to create a multi sensor mounting to account of the multitude of movements at the given joints (such a pronation, radial and ulnar deviation at the wrist, elbow flexion etc.). Real time sensor data will be collected, labelled by an expert, and be used to train a model. The objective is to use the trained model for detection of flawed technique and wrong habits that are normally picked up by amateur as well as well-versed players.

Contact person: May at biekpm-spamblocktag-(a)