Catch our Robots at SMU Arts Festival!


Catch Sentience on SMU Arts Festival 2021 for free from 30 Nov – 30 Dec 2021!



Sentience is an anthology of 5 short dance films that explore the co-dependence of mankind and machines. SMU dancers will perform alongside their robotic counterparts in this groundbreaking collaboration with NUS Advanced Robotics Centre. Conceptualised and choreographed by Singapore’s award-winning street dance duo, ScRach MarcS.

SMU Arts Festival 2021 welcomes you to experience multitudes of art, made possible through collaboration and integration, as we come 2GETHER AS 1. This year, SMU turns 21. And in coming-of-age fashion, they infuse 2 or more unexpected elements in each programme to create 1 festival of works of greater scale and emotional impact. The festival’s curation provides a platform for the arts community to rally together, and to express their desire for the world to emerge stronger together as one in this post-pandemic era.


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