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Job Opening at LTA for Autonomous Test Driving Engineer

posted on 13 Jul 2021

LTA’s QA-RoadTest group has an opening for the role of Autonomous Driving Test Engineer.

Job responsibilities:
1. Autonomous driving road test, safety test, function test, SOTIF TEST, simulation test;
2. Operate the self-driving vehicle system and conduct real vehicle tests on public roads
3. Familiar with the functions of the autonomous software module and assist the development team to improve the stability of the MPI
4. Cooperate and assist R&D engineers in software and hardware maintenance and problem repair.
Job requirements:
1. Computer-related professional background, familiar with Linux system and git operation;
2. Must have experience with Autonomous Driving or Mobile Robot
3. Better have experience with C++ & Python
4. Better have experience with SOTIF
5. Good communication skills, analytical skills and expression skills;
6. Have enthusiasm for autonomous driving, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and work carefully and organized.
1. Have work experience in other artificial intelligence related industries;
2. Have driving license, driving experience, and be familiar with road driving and related traffic regulations;
3. Good at Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


Interested applicants may reach out to Zhou_Zehao@lta.gov.Sg

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