Industrial Design of an Universal Gripper

Speaker:Axel Thallemer
Seminar Date:10/04/2018
Seminar Venue:ARC Engagement room
Compared to taking inspiration from paragons found in nature, purpose-driven reasoning is used to open up a larger range of strategic solutions than would generally be available in the context of biomimetics, due to the evolutionary burden and organic constraints. With respect to a suitable functional shape, the specific design around a pneumatic micro actuator leads to this “tool” as human artefact. Working from the self-defined technical package, an appropriate shape is embodied on a multifunctional and rational basis where saving of resources and the use of least expensive material and fabrication technologies were in the centre of thinking that gripper system.

There will be time for interaction with the speaker and co-author at the end of the seminar. Light refreshment will be served.
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