AirArm – An Anthropofunctional Robot Arm with Inherent Flexibility

Speaker:Professor Dipl.-Ing. (univ.) Axel Thallemer
Seminar Date:06/09/2016
Seminar Venue:NUS Faculty of Engineering Lecture Theatre 7A (LT7A)
Inspired by nature, AirArm is a function-driven robot capable of carrying out humanoid motions. Unlike other nature-inspired research that focus on mimicking the mere structure and form of the human arm, AirArm is designed with the arm’s natural motion in mind. This industrial, pneumatic 4-axis kinematics with inherent flexibility has been researched, designed, developed, fabricated, and demonstrated by bachelor students of the scionic® I.D.E.A.L. curricula in Austria. The presentation will cover the main aspects of the methodology in designing AirArm, such as industrial design management, coupling materials and production technologies to create the purpose-driven nature-inspired robot.


AirArm, with a professional dancer, in smooth and dynamic motion

There will be time for interaction with the speaker at the end of the seminar. Light refreshment will be served.

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