Robotics and Related Courses at NUS

Sensing & Perception


CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
EE3206: Introduction to Computer Vision & Image Processing
EE5108: Instrumentation and Sensors
EE5731R Visual Computing
EE6901 3D Vision
EE6733 Advanced Topics on Vision and Machine Learning
ME2143/ME2143E: Sensors and Actuators


Planning & Control


CS4246 AI Planning and Decision Making
CS5340 Uncertainty Modelling in AI
CS6244 Robot Motion Planning and Control
EE4306: Distriubuted Autonomous Robotic Systems
EE5104 Adaptive Control Systems
EE5107Optimal Control Systems




CS3244 Machine Learning




ME2143/ME2143E: Sensors and Actuators
ME3112: Mechanics of Machines




EE5109: Applications of Mechatronics
EE5110: Special Topics in Automation and Control
ME3242: Industrial Automation
ME5402/EE5106R: Advanced Robotics
ME6401/ME6402: Topics in Mechatronics